Marissa Nadler - "The Wrecking Ball Company"

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I've only had the time to spin Marissa Nadler's "The Wrecking Ball Company" four times since its release today, but I'm pretty comfortable in calling it an early frontrunner for track of the year.  It's our first glance at Nadler's upcoming LP The Sister, which will act as a companion to her fantastic self-titled LP from last year.  This song is all about the power and grace of Nadler's vocals as they waltz around a simply plucked guitar that bends at points, adding a touch of mystery to the melody. Nadler has always been consistent in delivering great track after track...album after album...but somehow she comes across even more confident in her talents then ever before.  The results are clear on "The Wrecking Ball Company", a track that points to Nadler as a great singer/songwriter emerging into a living legend.  To say my anticipation for The Sister is at new heights after hearing this track would be an understatement.


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  1. This is what I wanted for Valentine's day.