Track Of The Day: The Zookeepers - "Foil"


We've been fans of The Zookeepers ever since they first sent us their manic music in 2009.  The New England band is back with the EP, True To These Times, which continues to deliver everything we expect from The Zookeepers: overflowing energy and a unique perspective on rock music that makes them one of the more interesting bands today.  Our highlighted tack of the day, "Foil" plays like a punk version of a later Sparks song with touches of Queen's playfulness.  The song is filled with catchy guitar hooks, noise, yelling,'s packed to the brim with ideas without ever fully spinning out of control.  The whole EP is highly recommend, specifically "Foil" and "GGG" which reminds me of a Presidents Of The United States of America 90's b-side with a twist of Pavement.  Not bad at all.  The Zookeepers are a refreshing band that will be overshadowed by the fact that there really isn't a place in the current indie music scene for them.  It doesn't seem to bother The Zookeepers as they haven't modified their sound one bit to ride any trends, this is the music they want to make and no apologies will be paid.  Unfasten everything and let The Zookeepers insane approach to music engulf your ears. 


  1. Very different / very good!

  2. Refreshing with some nice yelling this time of year. Thank you!