Lee Ranaldo - "Off the Wall" (Stream)

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Now that Sonic Youth is no more (?), we've got to live with solo projects, which is kind of like when you break up with someone and take comfort in those few friends that you have in common seeking something like you used to have with everybody.  Lee Ranaldo's often been the man behind the mask of Sonic Youth, more mysterious than Kim or Thurston, and a more accomplished painter.  There's something of a visual touch in the jangly "Off the Wall" the first hit from Between the Times and Tides out on Matador March 20 (preorder).  Of course, it seems that Ranaldo has influenced himself the beats are vintage Sonic Youth, but while the chorus hits, the elegance of the instrumentation belies his tenure as an experimental noisester.  It's a new beginning for us all.

Stream it here.


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