Track Of The Day: Whistle Peak - "Wings Won't Behave"


Louisville's Whistle Peak have a crafted a song in "Wings Won't Behave" that I like to image would be the music Tears For Fears could be making today if they were still around.  The song opens with a cheery melody filled with strummed strings and wandering percussion that floats around throughout the track.  The vocals enter straightforward and then dip occasionally into a sober tone that adds a layer of darkness and depth to the track.  The magic of "Wings Won't Behave" is at first listen the song feels focused on one element, but upon further examination there is an underbelly of thoughts and musical tinkering that elevates the song to a new level of importance.  Give it a spin and keep your ears peeled for the subtle nuances of "Wings Won't Behave" won't be disappointed if you do.

Whistle Peak, "Wings Won't Behave" by karatebody

Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls will be available in late January/early February on digital, CD, teal 12” LP, with first pressing limited to 250 copies on Karate Body Records. Pre-order details will be announced soon.
Album Tracklisting:
1. Big and Bright
2. Hurry, Hurry
3. Wings Won’t Behave
4. Elephants
5. Play the Ghost
6. Us Two Can Play
7. Land to Land
8. Sleepy Pants
9. In a Boat on a Lake
10. Sailor
11. The Laws