Some Sort of Chinese Old Folks Home Sing "Bad Romance"

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You'll have to pardon us as we take a small break from dutifully giving quirky but hopefully insightful commentary and shares relating to the world of music with this utterly baffling video of what appears to be a folksy, knee-slap of a video from Chinese television with a bunch of old folks hitting on young women in dresses and using it as an excuse to sing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." The threadbare relationship to music is that we have to remind ourselves sometimes that this is how the rest of the world gets to know the USA, through cultural exports which is usually determined by what is mainstream and thus sellable. Or you can just file it under: The Future is Going to Suck.

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  1. Wow. It just makes me happy to see people branching out with their activities. Seeing this pop song being sung was amazing. Ha Ha. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

    Ansel Marvin | St. Joseph's Ministries