New Of Montreal Track - "Wintered Debts"


I swore I would never write about Of Montreal again as they went from one of my favorite bands in 1999 to one of my least favorites with the release of False Priest.  My attachment just runs too deep to ignore a band that I have spent years obsessively following with each release.  Consequence Of Sound just posted about a new Of Montreal track and against my own declaration to give up on the band, I clicked the link.  

I'm blown away.  "Wintered Debts" is an echo of Of Montreal's early sound, specifically the playfulness heard in the melodies on Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies.  Gone is the funk and focus on Kevin Barnes being front and center.  The magic of Of Montreal at their best is back on "Wintered Debts": harmonies, orchestra level compositions, Barnes being emotional rather than glamorous, and a song that feels like art...not a sexually driven rave.  If their 2012 album, Paralytic Stalks continues what is presented on "Wintered Debts" consider my love for Of Montreal restored.  

UPDATE: "Wintered Debts" will appear on Paralytic Stalks, but not as the lead single.

Wintered Debts by of Montreal


  1. This track is AMAZING!

  2. I like this a lot. Thank you for sharing. I'm always looking for upcycles like this. In the end, you don't know it was a shipping pallet to begin with! , ,