Bomba Estéreo - "La Cumbia Sicodelica" (Music Video)

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I can't think of an electronic group working right now that's better than Bomba Estereo. The damn shame is that they're from Colombia, so if you're here in the States, you don't give a shit because you're force fed crap world music from Puto Mayo and Starbucks without realizing the true genius that is out there. And, yeah, I've been on my soapbox about this before, but it bears repeating. So, I repeat: NO ONE IS KILLING IT AS GOOD AS THIS BAND. NO ONE. NOT DAN DEACON. NOT JAMES MURPHY. NO ONE. YES, LET'S FIGHT ABOUT IT.

Their latest track, aptly titled "La Cumbia Sicodelica" (AKA Psychedelic Cumbia) is as much literal as it is an onslaught of the what the band has been doing since their inception: reinventing music for the better.

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