Andrew Bird's Fever Year Trailer

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I caught Andrew Bird last week in Binghamton and was thoroughly astounded. And yet in writing that sentence, I feel kinda stupid. I mean. It's Andrew Bird, right? It's ANDREW BIRD. But, there's something so mesmerizing about the loops and loops and loops of strings and drums -- the mathematical sequencing of it all. Well, I was impressed, okay?

Bird's doc which seems to be about illness, evolution and music -- three things that seem to always be floating in his songs -- is directed by Xan Aranda and available only at the select film festivals which have picked it up. So, unless you're going to be at said film festivals, you'll have to drool over the trailer, which is below and if you've got a free ticket or two, send 'em my way. I mean read the preceding paragraph to see how I love to gush about Bird.


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