Track Of The Day: FEU MACHIN - "MSV"

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As a music listener who is attracted to the power of strong vocals and poetic lyrics, I've never been a huge fan of instrumental bands or tracks.  With that said, when an instrumental track is great, it can make me forget about all about wanting vocals and lyrics.  I don't know a lot about FEU MACHIN other then they are from France and sent me the heads up about their new EP Rhino, set for release September 12th.  The track featured here is MSV and is best described as the Twin Peaks theme making out with the Clockwork Orange theme.  Clocking in at over six minutes, the track takes its time to develop and really won me over with a nice drop out and introduction of an acoustic guitar which rounds out the song perfectly.  I look forward to following FEU MACHIN and will definitely give their EP a spin.

Feu machin - Rhino EP (Ideal Crash) - Trailer from edouard on Vimeo.


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