SPOTWLFY MIX #007 - Van Dyke Parks

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Respect your elders.  Especially if they're extremely gifted and their resume points out working with some of the most talented names in the business.  About seven years ago, a friend mentioned VDP and his debut LP "Song Cycle".  When I responded with a blank stare my friend said he wouldn't talk to me until I listened to the record.  A bit pissed off, I went and listened to "Song Cycle" and after the turntable arm reset his disdain for my VDP ignorance was fair.  I could give you paragraph after paragraph on VDP's backstory and all of the amazing projects and albums he contributed to, but it would just be restating everything that's already on wikipedia.  As you listen to our mix, READ IT HERE.

Our SpotWLFY mix includes two tracks off each of his five solo studio albums.  As an added bonus (and a tip of the hat for Spotify for being at the top of their game) the A and B sides off two of VDP's new 7" series are also included at the end of the mix.  There is still time to order his six 7" vinyl series, which is $75 for the entire package that focuses on the marriage between music and artwork. More info HERE.  "Wall Street" might be one of the best VDP songs to date...which speaks to him not losing a single step or an once of talent over the years.

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