RIP Absolutely Kosher

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A melancholy happy trails to CA-based Absolutely Kosher, a highly underrated label who put out records by WLFY faves like Sunset Rubdown, +/-, Wax Fang, and Xiu Xiu. As saddened as I am about this loss, it looks like we're in a new era of music (and really, what day doesn't it look like that), when stalwart labels are going to start merging or dropping like flies and start-ups or self-producing is going to become the norm. But, if there's anything to take away from Absolutely Kosher's run its that people measure you not by success (whatever that means) but by what you foster. For Absolutely Kosher, the standout was The Wrens The Meadowlands one of those albums that should live in the consciousness like OK Computer or The Soft Bulletin.

Thanks for the music Absolutely Kosher. We hope to see you again, soon.


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