Midpoint Music Festival 2011 (Preview)

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The most underrated music festival and the supplier for one of my favorite weekends of music in 2010, Midpoint Music Festival is celebrating it's tenth anniversary this weekend.  Think SXSW or CMJ, but in Cincinnati.  The programers have excellent taste and the upcoming 2011 festival features fresh new talent and bigger names sure to impress.  Due to scheduling conflicts and being in Los Angeles, I won't make it this year, but it's one of the three music festivals I even considered making the lengthy trip for.  If you live anywhere in driving distance, drop your plans for this weekend and head to the Queen City for what promises to be one of the best weekends of music this year.

Here is a breakdown of the "can't miss" bands for each day.


The Seedy Seeds
(P&G Stage 7:30)

(P&G Stage 8:30) 

Bro. Stephen 
(Mr. Pitiful's 9:15)

Mates Of State
(P&G Stage 9:30)

The Dodos 
(Hanke Building 12:00)

The Pass
(Below Zero Lounge 12:30)

Thursday is an amazing kick start to the festival.  I would mainly hang out at the P&G Stage to see three great bands back to back to back (The Seedy Seeds, Suckers, and Mates Of State).  If it's running behind, try to slip out and over to see one of the best unknown singer songwriter's in the area Bro. Stephen.  End the night with a wonderful double-hitter, The Dodos at midnight and Louisville's The Pass to close out the day with a guaranteed drunken dance party.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra
(P&G Stage 8:30)

Cheyenne Marie Mize
(Know Theatre 9:15)

Toro Y Moi
(P&G Stage 9:30)

(Know Theatre 11:45)

(MOTR Pub 12:30)

Friday and Saturday are both stacked.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra is one of the most exciting new bands of 2011 and they're playing early, so it's a no brainer...don't miss them.  I personally would see Cheyenne Marie Mize over Toro Y Moi, but this is a toss up depending on who you've seen and taste in music.  To close out the night, indie geniuses Deerhoof play at the Know Theatre and going along with my standard "close out the night drunk and dancing" you have to catch Starfucker, who will cap off another five star day of music.


Gardens & Villa
(P&G Stage 7:00)

(MOTR Pub 9:00)

The Album Leaf
(P&G Stage 9:30)

Cut Copy 
(Main Stage 9:30)

Nerves Junior
(Below Zero 11:30)

Youth Lagoon
(MOTR Pub 12:30)

Saturday is the last chance for music and the toughest day of choices.  The big showdown is Cut Copy vs The Album Leaf.  Both are amazing live bands...I would say go with the one you haven't seen, broaden your horizons.  The night ends with two indie blog darlings, Nerves Junior and Youth Lagoon.  Both bands are what a festival like MPMF is all about, featuring up and coming talent that we'll look back on in a few years and be shocked that this festival had all these amazing bands before anyone else.  

(NOTE: Saturday also features MPMF's first day party.  INFO HERE.  From what I understand, it's open to everyone...so don't miss it.)

These are just my recommendations.  Tons of names like Washed Out, Gang Gang Dance, and Okkervil River were left off because MPMF has an abundance of quality bands/artists.  If you can hop in the car and drive under five hours...do it...you won't be disappointed.   


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