Important Wax (September 16th, 2011)

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Born Gold 
Ltd to 300 (Insound Exclusive)
Hovercraft / Crash Symbols 
$15.99 (Plus Shipping)

I'm really shocked this guy hasn't sold out yet.  Born Gold, previously Gobble Gobble, is know for their electronic dance music with an abstract sensibility and their previous 7" releases have mostly sold out.  Considering this is their debut LP and it being limited to 300 copies, I can't recommend enough snatching this wax up before it's too late.

"Sun Ray EP"
Ltd to 500 (Orange Vinyl / Hand Numbered)
$10 (Plus Shipping)

One of our favorite self-releases and overall EPs released in 2011.  This brooklyn band summons up the same feelings of an Antlers or Grizzly Bear.  Just click above, trust me, after hearing their four track EP, you'll want that bright orange wax safe in your home.

The Deloreans 
Split 7" with Scott Carney
Ltd to 300 (Green Vinyl / Only 100 Left)
Louisville Is For Lovers
$6 (Plus Shipping)

We're obsessed with The Deloreans and their lush compositions that harken back to the early 60's.  Limited to 300, only 1/3 left...this will sell out and is one of the better tracks of 2011.  

Old Tapes
Side A: "Farewell" / Side B: "What I Need Tonite"
Ltd to 1,000
Tympanogram Records
$7 (Plus Shipping)

Old Tapes have this wonderful trick up their sleeve.  Somehow they mix soft guitars with electronics and make it feel organic.  This is a band I'm very excited to follow over the years and with their first piece of wax it's a great opportunity to buy some stock in a band on the rise.   


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