Glen Campbell Live On Leno (Videos)

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Glen Campbell's newest and sadly his last album, "Ghost On A Canvas" is a stunning masterpiece that explores his diagnosed alzheimer's and instead of turning to dramatics, Campbell smartly puts an optimistic spin on the subject, smartly crafting a goodbye album that brings smiles and tears.  I can't wait to review this record because "Ghost On A Canvas" is a treasure-trove of themes and imaginative songwriting from one of the greats music has to offer.

These videos of Campbell playing on Leno hit you right in the gut.  He's accompanied on stage with three of his children and like the album, instead of using the time to wallow, Campbell is soaking up every second of his performance.  With such a depressing and inevitable subject such as losing control on your life, Campbell somehow fosters hope in musical form.  These videos show the power of music as an art form.



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