An Ear X-Tacy Documentary (Trailer)

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Growing up in Kentucky and spending all last year living in Louisville, Ear X-Tacy has been one of the biggest influences in shaping my unabashed love for music.  The store is filled with wonderful memories of surprise vinyl finds and live in store shows.  During my year living in Louisville, the digital age and economy finally caught up to the store and they were forced to close their location of twenty five years and move a mile up the street.  On a recent visit, I passed the old Ear X-Tacy which is now a Panera Bread and began to choke up.  My sadness was quickly pushed aside when I walked into the new Ear X-Tacy and remembered the magic wasn't in the building, but in the employees, the vinyl selection, in-store performances, and the community of Louisville who continue to shop there.  I've spent many a pay check on records at Ear X-Tacy, but will never be able to repay them for shaping the crazed music fan I've become today.

As Backseat Sandbar points out:
If you missed the premiere of the Brick and Mortar and Love documentary trailer last night at ear x-tacy, have no fear.  Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.  Word is the film is currently being submitted to various film festivals, including SXSW.  Good luck Scott Shuffitt and Co.  We have grown to know Scott as he has documented various events at ear x-tacy and we know he is passionate about this project.  It is clear from the trailer, this is going to be a film we can all get behind.  We can look to see the film in Louisville around the Summer of 2012.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer…

I'm definitely looking forward to this doc and remember being interviewed several times for it, maybe WLFY will squeeze into the final cut.  The important thing to take away is Ear X-Tacy is still alive and will only remain that way if we support our local record stores.  If you're ever visiting Louisville, head straight to Ear X-Tacy and partake in the history/magic of a wonderful record store.

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  1. So glad I'm going to SXSW Film Fest this year! If this film is there, consider me part of the STREET TEAM! I have a customer and fan of Ear X-Tacy for over twenty-five years. Ever since I was old enough to drive myself from Leitchfield, KY to Louisville, I've been buying records there. I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain what my Ear X-Tacy bumper sticker meant to people from outside the area. Wow! Long Live Ear X-Tacy!!