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Weekly Tape Deck, Altered Zones, and Yours Truly have stumbled upon a wonderful find in the Chicago folk whisperer Angel Olsen.  The few tracks I've heard have a classic folk feel that's jam-packed with personality from Olsen.  Like all great folk music, Olsen's voice is the focus as her electrifying crooning wraps around the spine of her softly strummed acoustic guitar.  What's impressive is how Olsen is just as moving in her moments of whispering as she is when all out singing.  Olsen has a deep understanding of who she is as a singer, songwriter, and artists.  Her music, while drenched with emoting, is steady and cleared headed with a distinct vision.  Angel Olsen has the potential and talent to place her name along side some of the greatest folk musicians.  Only time will tell, but after hearing her small amount of material, I'm fairly confident she's on her way to greatness.  

Bathetic Records has a WLFY Important Wax recommended six song 12" vinyl from Angel Olsen.

Various 15 Angel Olsen - In the Morning

Angel Olsen creator, destroyer

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  1. is there such a thing as too original? very different story telling songstructure