The Hidden Words - "Dis" (Video)

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We've been profiling The Hidden Words for sometime now because it's the new band of Alden Penner (The Unicorns/Clues) and to date he hasn't had a misstep.  The music appears to be much more stripped down then his previous two projects with the acoustic guitar, minimal percussion, and Alden's voice front in center.  Music writers throw around the word magic to describe the indescribable aspects of music all the time (including myself).  I'll replace the word magic and use the soulful to describe Alden's voice and songwriting.  His voice, even in the darker moments, feels alive and filled with this soul that leaves a large fingerprint on every piece of music he creates.

The debut LP from The Hidden Words is called Free Thyself From The Fetters Of This World and is said to be released Autumn of 2011.

The Hidden Words - Dis from Video Marsh on Vimeo.


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