Flashlight Tag Blog Fundraiser


I was scrolling through my daily 100+ music blog reads when I clicked on one of my new favorites, Flashlight Tag and read this disappointing news:

So two nights ago, someone broke into my apartment and stole my computer. It really really sucks, and right now I’m using my roommates computer to do this post.
I should be back up and running by sometime next week.
Thank you for reading. I love you all.
-Tyler (Flashlight Tag)
It's tough enough being a music blogger and spending time running a site without making a cent, no less to have your main source of blogging stolen so it's no longer an option.  I've never asked for any WLFY donations to keep this site running, don't do ads, but I'm asking for the first time to help a blogger in need to get back up and running. I know you would do the same for me if my laptop was stolen.  If enough people donate whatever they can spare, we can get the wonderful Flashlight Tag back up and running.  The guy is the future of blogging, has a great ear and passion for music, and his whole site centers around helping unknown/little known bands that need the exposure.  He didn't ask for me to do this, I e-mailed him and asked for his paypal account e-mail, so none of this is solicited.  Please spread the word and donate so he can get back to sharing music with his readers.
Please send a donation for a new computer through pay-pal to: absentfever@gmail.com


  1. the future of music blogging is a picture and one sentence

    how sad

  2. I agree that the trend of less writing is concerning, but FT is a blog that supports unknown/smaller bands and does so with a great ear for quality music. That's to be commended.

  3. He just finds the music, and if he deems it quality he posts it, its up to you to like it or not. The number of sentences does not correlate directly to the quality of the writing. Its entirely possible to write eight pages and say nothing while one sentence can say everything.

    Its a damn shame his laptop was stolen