Two New Tracks From LA Font (Sharks 7")

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Somehow Los Angeles has become the last stomping ground for bands who still look to Built To Spill and Pavement for inspiration.  While the rest of the world moves into electronics and wave based genres, LA has The Henry Clay People, Manhattan Murder Mystery, LA Font, and many more reminding music fans that rock can still just be rock, hold the bells, whistles, and made up genres.    

On LA Font's new 7", the track "Sharks" is a slow brewing rock and roll tune that features ragged guitars drifting around controlled vocals that appear on the edge of exploding at any moment (and they do).  Like most great rock song, the guitars are the all stars on this 7", driving each songwriting thought into the next.  LA Font isn't exploring new frontiers, but writing great rock songs is a high achievement on it's own...and LA Font succeeds.


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