Matthew Friedberger - "Comforts Of The Coffin"

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Matthew Friedberger's fourth offering from his solo (and solo instruments) project is set to be released August 8th.  The solo project is a six album package, with two bonus records, released on wax only and has already sold out (ltd. 700), however limited amounts of individual records can be found in select record stores.  The fourth album, "Cut It Out" finds Friedberger paired with percussion and on the released track, "Comforts Of The Coffin" it becomes apparent that Matthew is redefining how we hear familiar instruments just as he did previously with the guitar, piano, and harp.  Listening to the track without hearing the previous solo releases might confuse, but the solo series is shaping up to be a masterwork and still stands as the smartest vinyl purchases I've made in years.

Matthew Friedberger The Comforts of the Coffin


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