Track Of The Day: J. Irvin Dally - "Teething"

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One of J. Irvin Dally's unbelievable strengths as a musician is his ability to write songs that run the gambit of emotion without ever feeling over stuffed or forced.  Depression and despair melt into happiness and back again with an ease that only few artists can achieve.  "Teething" begins with two contradicting guitars, one sun soaked, the other a standard acoustic folk lick.  With the turn of a switch, the two guitars turn upbeat and dance around each other for the remaining of the song.  Folk and all its off shoot genres are usually better suited for the dark and cold winter months...but Dally proves with "Teething" that in the right hands re-imagined folk music can be happily sun drenched as well.

"Teething" is off Sun Room / Teething 7"  (Pre-Order)


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