Track Of The Day: The Glass Canoe - "Happy"

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Let the Animal Collective comparisons roll.  Obviously, The Glass Canoe have all the Animal Collective albums, but there's room for other bands at the experimental, world beat driven, phased vocals music dinner table.  What I love most about The Glass Canoe is that their music is much more on the "Sung Tongs" or "Feels" side of Animal Collective's discography, albums that feel more organic than any of their other records.

"Happy" is off the full length LP, "Chimera", which the band is giving away for free on Bandcamp.  It's really a gem of an album that provides one of the more challenging/interesting listens of 2011.  I've only been playing this record for a few days now, but I'm continuing to dive in and sort through the layers upon layers of textures and sounds that radiate from this impressive debut.


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