Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Same Mistake"

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CYHSY are back and set to release their third LP, "Hysterical" on September 20th.  If this first track is any indication, it appears frontman Alec Ounsworth is back to the passionate vocals everyone loved so much on their self titled debut and desperately missed on "Some Loud Thunder".  While the track is upbeat, it's not an immediate hit, but with each listen I've found myself humming along and liking "Same Mistake" more and more.  As a single some people might be disappointed (it's hard to live up to the magic of that debut LP) but thinking about the track knowing it's part of a collection of songs, "Same Mistake" is a hint to what this third LP "Hysterical" will bring: a return to the shimmering guitars, orchestral keys, and vocals that overflow with emotion...everything I was hoping "Hysterical" would be.









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