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With guests Franky B RockaFeller (Listen Before You Buy) and K.M. McFarland (AV Club).

Topics include Odd Future (P4K Review), the music industry, and the best things of 2011 (so far).

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  1. I can't believe I listened to this whole thing, lol - but it was interesting to hear y'all talk. A few things...

    Can't really speak on Odd Future, but coming from a hip-hop background, Tyler has a fresh style that's REAL hard to find in hip-hop. Most emcees focus on their lyrics and that's only half the game (a lot less for me). If the hype doesn't kill his career, I think he'll be putting out some great hip-hop when/if he matures (he's got real honesty goin for him). BUT, and this is a big but, he is WAYYYYYYYYYYY over-rated - there's much more underground hip-hop that deserves attention.

    As far as the whole illegal downloading thing, the reason record labels haven't found a solution is because the only solution isn't in their favor. Labels are dead, production has substantially gone down and marketing is cheap to free. I support artists by going to their concerts, buying "cool" packages and any clothing I can get my hands on. For the most part, music is heading towards free.

    As far as Pitchfork, cannot believe they said that about STARFUCKER, lol. I remember hearing interviews about how STARFUCKER got a lot of shit for their name, but didn't believe it tilll now. STARFUCKER amazes the shit out of me with everything they do (just saw them live and loved their vibe.. live, ha)

    Oh, and definitely check out The Weeknd again, it's the only R&B I've listened to (and loved) that isn't 20 years old (minus Cee Lo).