Important Wax - The Deloreans - "Buffalo" 7"

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If you're obsessed with music in wax form, I can't think of a better purchase in 2011 then this ultra rare 7" from the 1960's pop esq Louisville band, The Deloreans.  The specs on this vinyl are insane.  We're talking about only 150 pressed, brand new song on the b-side, hand made outer-sleeves from the band, and on glorious pink vinyl.

The 7" is set at $9 which is a steal when you consider the limited/handmade nature of the record and that the price includes shipping.  The A side, "Buffalo" is one of WLFY's favorite tracks of 2011, so snatch up this limited piece of wax quickly.

Starfish, a track recorded in 2010 during the recording sessions for the LP American Craze but held back for a future release, is lovingly offered as the the B-side on this Ultra-Limited-Edition, Pink vinyl 7". A 60s-garage foundation supports this recorder-laden, duel vocal harmony track that was inspired by two things: the writer having heard The Shaggs for the first time and then a few days later, late at night, somewhere on the east coast, finding a starfish on the beach. He/she was picked up, briefly and wondrously examined before being carefully placed back on the hard, wet sand from whence the starfish came.


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