WLFY Soundcast (#001)

The first of many recorded ramblings.  As I explain in the "soundcast" these will pop up once or twice a week and eventually hope to have guest hosts once a week as well.  It's literally me rambling for a long time, so brace yourself or have a drink first.

Soundcast #001 topics:




  1. Listened to the whole thing. Your whole vinyl talk was interesting and I gotta say that I'm a little jealous. Those record store road trips sound like a ton of fun and a perfect way to spend a weekend or so. Definitely something I'm gonna try to do come summer.

    It's hard not to agree with your points on the Starfucker review. They were in town here Monday and the day after two girls in one of my classes talked about seeing them. I don't know these girls, but they didn't look at all like they followed blogs or were deep in the scene, so to speak. The whole review is just insultingly condescending.

    I gotta say, I can't see Pitchfork keeping their influence for a whole while longer. Their heavy and love for that 'sound' you were talking about will really bite them in the ass, as it ostracizes a lot of people and turns them off of going there as a source for new stuff. It all reeks of an overly egotistical emperor trying to make people think a certain way.

    In all, I really do hope you keep up these soundcasts. They're really interesting and in a stupid way help keep a sort of physical connection that's absent from the digital world--akin to the vinyl collectors, though on a smaller scale.

    Also, I'm pretty sure it was an analogy. Metaphors are usually more symbolic. I might be wrong on that though (I still don't have my degree)

  2. I made a joke about the whole "juvenile" band name thing on twitter today when Pitchfork tweeted something about a new Fucked Up track. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  3. Hey Why,
    Totally agree with your take on your love for vinyl, that's exactly why it's the best. Sitting down and taking the time to focus on the sound...it's an experience that's lost with any other format.
    You can get crazy with fidelity and needles, but I've had the best experiences with albums on the shittiest turntables because I sat down in a room and listened.