Listen To Most Of The Debut Cults Album


There is a lot of anticipation surrounding the debut Cults record and the question if they can live up to the hype of going from two tracks on the internet to a Columbia Records contract in a flash.  Hearing some of the recorded material and seeing them live several times, in my opinion, the answer is yes, the Cults are more than worthy of the hype.

If you've caught Cults live in the last year of their extensive touring, chances are a majority of the set was new to you.  This is one of the upsides to only having two tracks out on the web, the live set is fresh.  I've sifted through hundreds of horribly shot youtube videos and mp3 recordings and have pieced together their whole record minus two tracks.  Listen, enjoy (specifically my favorite track "Bumper), and as always, we encourage you to PURCHASE THE MUSIC if you like it.

01.) Abducted

02.) Go Outside

03.) You Know What I Mean

04.) Most Wanted

05.) Walk At Night (?)

06.) Never Heal Myself

07.) Oh My God

08.) Never Saw The Point

09.) Bad Things (?)

10.) Bumper

11.) Rave On (?)


The Curse

Go Outside (The 2 Bears Remix)


  1. I am all aboard this Hype Train. I am loving what I hear from Cults and think this is going to be a top notch album of 2011

  2. I'm really loving what I've been hearing from cults too. Not really following a lot of the trends going on right which is sort of refreshing in a way. They're going to be at Lolla so I hope I can check them out there.