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We Listen For You is always looking for unique ways of presenting music on our blog and we jump at any chance to do so in real life form.  Last year was my first SXSW and while it was my favorite week of music, the few downsides included how it was sponsor heavy, expensive to book a venue, and how every show was presented in the same way.  I'm not complaining, SXSW was everything I hoped it would be and if this is your first trip to the Austin music festival, you're in for a real treat.  I've been thinking for months about how I could address these three problems in throwing our own show and I think I've found the answer.

On March 17th everyone is invited to join We Listen For You on our first SXSW Walking Show.  The premise is that anyone who is inclined will meet up at the Lady Bird Lake Trail and we will embark on a two mile walk around the beautiful lake.  As we walk, six bands/artists will play short acoustic sets with Austin's beauty as the backdrop.  The bands/artists are scattered around the walk and none of them will be announced prior to the walking show.  I think the surprise of not knowing what's around the corner adds to the natural experience we're trying to create.  I know it's tough to wake up early and invest time without knowing who is playing, but I can promise two things:

1.) You will have a unique experience with music that won't be found anywhere else during SXSW 2011.

2.)  Each of the six Bands/Artists are high quality acts and you will not be able to see them in this setting during the rest of the festival.

That's my pitch.  There are NO SPONSORS. The little money we're spending is coming out of our pockets.  None of the bands are being paid, they're actually donating their time/performances for the love of the music.  No matter what you think of the music (I'm extremely excited about the bands/artists that are playing), it will be a nice walk, good group of people, and a nice way to start off your Thursday of future drinking and spending hours indoors.  


We will be meeting up starting at 9:30 AM.  Free Coffee will be provided to open your eyes and get you ready for the day.  If you are planning on attending, please RSVP at the Facebook Page.  I'm only providing enough coffee based on the attending RSVP's.  You don't have to RSVP to attend, just show up, but I need to be able to gauge how much coffee to buy.

Here is a map detailing the meet up spot, distance from the Convention Center (5 blocks), and in green, the walking trail.  The trail is just short of two miles, but we will be walking casually and stopping for the performances.  

Closer look at the meeting spot below.  9:30AM-10:00AM is the meet up/coffee drinking time, but we start walking promptly at 10AM.  

I'm very excited about this show.  Feel free to bring cameras to take pictures of the beautiful lake trail/performances.  WLFY will also be giving away a vinyl copy from each of the six artists/bands, so you have a chance at some free wax.  

UPSIDES: The possibility of free vinyl, free coffee, beautiful setting, music in its rawest form, and an unmatched musical experience.

DOWNSIDE:  Have to wake up early.

You decide.  Hope to see you there.


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