Marissa Nadler Announces Release Date, Artwork for New Album

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Us Kickstarters have been getting nice progress reports from Marissa Nadler for her upcoming self-titled album which she says she'll release on her own label, Box of Cedar Records on June 14, 2011. The artwork is above and the track list below:

In Your Lair, Bear/ Alabaster Queen/ The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You/ Mr. John Lee Revisited/ Baby I Will Leave You In The Morning/ Puppet Master/ Wind up Doll/ Wedding/ Little King/ In A Magazine/ Daisy, Where Did You Go?

Nadler's also kicking back to the backers a 20-min EP called "Rain Arrangement" featuring the following:

Love Again, There Is A Fire/ To A Road, Love/ Iris Of Constance/ and the newly improved and properly recorded Your Heart Is A Twisted Vine


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