When putting together WLFY's first Los Angeles show (GOING DOWN TONIGHT) I began down the rabbit hole of clicking LA based bands on myspace, clicking their friend's bands, and so on.  I was becoming discouraged when suddenly Airlines appeared.  Just because we're conditioned to do so, immediate comparisons to Yeasayer, Cut Copy, and MGMT will be attached, but it's important that they add their own element to make the sound unique to Airlines.  Soaring ambient synths drive dance beats that swirl around with understated vocals.  The music I love always creates an image and Airlines is a grapefruit orange sun set in a tropical location....with lasers.  Airlines is a party, but a sophisticated one.  Airlines is at the top of my list for band to watch in 2011, get to know them now, it's always fun to watch a band take off.  See what I did there.


  1. Excellent find, I'm really enjoying it. Your blog gets more and more interesting to read by the day. Thanks for looking outside your inbox.

  2. Word. Just bought this, courtesy your recommendation. Solid work.