The Ultimate Music Blogger Super Bowl Pool

WLFY's 2011 resolution was to come up with new ways to help out bands/artists.  On Feb 6th millions of offices and home parties will have guess the winner/score of the super bowl pools and why shouldn't music bloggers have one?

1.)  ENTRY FEE: $5

2.) HOW TO PLAY/WHO WINS: After the final two teams are decided you will be asked to pick the score of the super bowl and the final score of each team.  To win, the first step is you have to pick the winner.  The second tie breaker is who is closest to the score.  If you pick the losing team but are closest to the final doesn't matter, you picked wrong.  The final tie-breaker will be guessing the closest to the total amount of offensive yards.

3.) WHAT DO I WIN?:  Nothing.  Here is what makes this super bowl pool special.  The entry fee isn't collected until after a winner is announced...and WLFY and the winning blogger doesn't get the money.  WHAT???  Each music blogger will announce as part of their entry a band/artist that they are playing for.  The money will go to the band/artist that the winning blogger played for.  The picking of the band/artist will be applied on a first come first serve basis.

4.)  HOW DOES THE BAND GET PAID?: After a winner is announced, it will be the responsibility of the winning blogger to contact the band/artist and get their pay pal account.  Then every participating blogger will transfer $5 dollars to the winning band.  It's the honor system, but we'll ask the band if they received all the money, if not, we'll ask who didn't pay and publicly announce that the bloggers who didn't pay, went back on the honor system, and who hate supporting music.  In other words, please don't play if you don't want to pay (that is if you don't win).

+Each blog is allowed two entries max...this is if you have more than one writer/head of the blog.  You have to pick different bands/artists and it's $5 a piece.

5.) Submit:

To play you must be a music blogger and be willing to pay the $5 dollar entry fee.

E-mail: with the following in this order:

SUBJECT: The Ultimate Music Blogger Super Bowl Pool


BAND/ARTIST you will be playing for with link to one of their pages




I agree to pay $5 to the winning band/artist

The deadline for entry is Feb 5th at 5PM ET .


  1. Thinking about starting a music blog just to join in on this

  2. ok but really, if i win can my money go to a visual artist or not?