Starfucker Announces New Album: "Reptilians"


The best electro band is back with a new label (polyvinyl) and a new album.  Here are the details.


   Bury Us Alive by starfucker_usa 

Portland's Starfucker (STRFKR) has received almost as much attention for its moniker as for its immensely accessible dance hooks.   Now that the group's name has finally settled on STRFKR after flirting briefly with a few alternatives, however, the focus can rightly return to the quartet's  unique brand of endlessly catchy, addictive pop.  And there's no better place for that to begin than with Reptilians, the bands second album and first with Polyvinyl, due out March 8 Polyvinyl is offering a limited edition run of 180-gram clear vinyl forReptilians, as well as an instant download of the album for all pre-orders:
As with the bands previous albums, Reptilians was written almost entirely by principal songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Hodges. This time around, however, STRFKR's sound is also bolstered by the addition of Keil Corcoran (whom Hodges describes as a human drum machine) and producer Jacob Portrait (The Dandy WarholsMint Chicks).
Reptilians focuses primarily on the epic subjects of death and the end of the world, two intertwined subjects at the forefront of songwriterJosh Hodges' mind following the passing of his grandmother.   However, the tone of the record stays out of the doldrums, taking a page from British philosopher Alan Watts (whose lectures are excerpted at various intervals), who proposed death is essential as it lends meaning to life.

With vibrant crescendos, explosive drum beats, and layered melodies that fuel a truly enthusiastic, theatrical live show (dates to be announced shortly), Reptilians is decidedly STRFKR's most well-rounded and full-sounding album to date -- a buoyant affair that will somehow have you dancing to songs about death and too busy enjoying it to mind.

Reptilians Track listing:
1. Born
2. Julius
3. Bury Us Alive
4. Mystery Cloud
5. Death as a Fetish
6. Astoria
7. Reptilians
8. The White of Noon
9. Hungry Ghost
10. Mona Vegas
11. Millions
12. Quality Time


  1. I'm listening to it right now and it sounds really great! You might want to edit this article as this is not their second album like you have mentioned.

  2. @SMG: it is their second full length album. 'Jupiter' was just a follow up EP to their self-titled debut.