Important Wax (Jan 4th, 2011)

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Our 2011 resolution was to try to help as many bands make money to simply afford to be just a band.  One of the new regular segments we'll be doing is called "Important Wax" where we highlight vinyl off the beaten path.  You won't find these in stores, rather these are the records that have limited runs and little exposure created by bands/artists on the rise.  

One of my nightmares concerning collecting vinyl is that I only started six years ago.  All these gems that I want on wax are out of print and sold out.  If you collect smart, in five years the records in your collection are these rare gems everybody wants.  I'll be using this section to highlight records that accomplish two things: 1.) feature amazing music 2.) have a great shot at becoming sought after rare vinyl down the road.  Remember, vinyl is like gets more expensive with time if you purchase the right product...unlike wine, you get to enjoy it while it matures.

Guards EP 
3 Syllables Records
Ltd. 500
8.99 with shipping/Around $26 US (Shipping totaled in)

"Resolution Of One"
Ltd. 500
Small Plates Records

Guards is an amazing band that's catching the same wave of buzz that propelled Cults to a Columbia Records deal.  These are two records that document the beginning of a band with unlimited potential.  Both are limited to 500 which makes them a steal.  

Radical Dads
Side A: "Recklessness" Side B: "I Am The Father Of Myself"
Ltd. 100

The first full length from Radical Dads is to be released this year and I'm telling you right now, this is not a band to ignore.  Robbie Guertin (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and Uninhabitable Mansions), Lindsay, and Chris make a perfect team and are the best hope for bringing back the purity of indie rock that made 2002-2006 so special.  At only 100 records pressed and the fact that this is their first physical release in any form, the above 7" is already a collectors item. 

Gobble Gobble
"Neon Graveyard"
12" White Marbled Vinyl
Ltd. 500
Royal Rhino Flying Records

Lawn Knives
Side A: "Lawn Knives" Side B: "End Of Days"
7" Clear Vinyl/Some Pressed On Black
Ltd. 400
Royal Rhino Records

Side A: Wrinklecarver Side B: Nemo
Ltd. 300
National Archive Of Records

I would bet my life that Gobble Gobble is the next "big thing".  They're smart, fun, and nobody can deny a dance to their tunes.  There is only one piece of wax they have put out that is currently OOP, but you can snatch up the rest of their collection for under thirty dollars.  These are all a must own.

A Side: "Ledmonton" B Side: "You Have My Eyes Now"
7" Tour Only (4 Card Silkscreen Print)
Ltd. Unknown (Only 100 Left)
Constellation Records

In 2009 a little band called Clues shook up my world.  Their self-titled debut received a perfect score from WLFY.  I was upset when they started selling the above 7" at tours, but only after I saw them in Los Angeles.  I never thought I would get a shot at this record until Constellation announced that a few were left over from the show and they started selling them online.  There isn't much as far as new tracks, as both are appear on the LP (one different version), but if you're a fan then you can't pass on this.


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