Important Wax (Jan 10th, 2011)

Matthew Friedberger
Matthew Friedberger - "Solos"
Thrill Jockey
8 12" Records
Ltd. 700 (some store releases)
$70 (Free Shipping)

Matthew Friedberger might be the most interesting musician we have in modern music.  A current Van Dyke Parks, he fuses a relentless passion for sound with a unique genius that makes Friedberger a sonic auteur.   "Solos" is a fascinating project where Friedberger writes six different albums around a single instrument per record.  This purchase is a years worth of music, a vinyl shipped to your door every two months, ending with two records with guests.  It all ends with a wooden box to hold the eight records.  Only 700 subscriptions are available and the single records will be released to limited record stores in a small amount.  The two bonus records are for subscribers only.  This record will never appear in digital or cd form, VINYL ONLY.  I bought this subscription the first day it was available and stongly suggest you order this one.  $70 seems steep but it comes out to $8.75 an album (where can you find a new full length record selling for under $10?).  With free shipping and a beautiful box for all the records, the $70 price is very very reasonable.  

The Fiery Furnaces
The Fiery Furnaces - Widow City
Thrill Jockey
12" Double LP
Previously OOP (Not A Reissue)

One of the most widely praised Fiery Furnaces records, "Widow City" is a powerful record that was my top album of 2007.  The vinyl was out of print from 2009-2010 and was a must find in the used stacks for fans.  Thrill Jockey announced over the holidays that they found a few in the warehouse and began selling them online.  I have no idea how many are left, but this record is rare.  This is not a repress and the vinyl is sure to be out of print soon.  If you're a price person, this record went for anywhere between $50-$70 on ebay during the out of print days.  Regardless of price, this is one of my favorite pieces of wax and you've been given a second chance to own a wonderful record.

Starfucker - Reptilians 
12" Clear Vinyl
Ltd. 700 (Clear) / 180 Gram Black Vinyl 

Starfucker wears the electro dance crown.  Nobody comes close to matching their synth beeps, marching drums, and smooth vocals.  I've never listened to a Starfucker song and ended with a shrug.  It's always a smile, tap of the foot, head nod...and that's when I'm not in an all out dance to the infectious melodies.  The new album is fantastic start to finish.  How do I know this if it's not released until March??? Did I download it illegally???  Nope.  One of the benefits of pre-ordering this vinyl is that you get a digital download right when you order waiting...all legal.  Pretty amazing.  While you will be able to find this vinyl in most of your local record stores, the limited edition run of 700 clear records will go fast, so order this gem soon.

The Deloreans 
The Deloreans - "American Craze"
Self Release
12" 180 gram 
Ltd. 300

If you read WLFY with any regularity, you probably know that when I get excited about a new band/artist I go into outer space with enthusiasm.  My latest obsession is Louisville, KY's The Deloreans who spin the early 60's prom music sound with a contemporary stylizing.  The band is currently uploading a new track a day off this album on their bandcamp (  The price is a bit steep, but it's a self release and there are only 300 pressed.  Bands that press their own vinyl do it because they're wax heads themselves as it's hard to move copies and for small pressings there is less of a discount from the manufacturer.  This exists out of love for vinyl and sharing their sound on a medium that represents the bands sound in the best way.  

Mountain Man
Mountain Man - Sun Dog EP
Underwater Peoples
10" Marbled Translucent Sea-Foam Vinyl
Ltd. Tour Only Sale Originally

This is a collection of tracks that lead Mountain Man to compile their breathtaking debut LP, "Made The Harbor".  I'm not sure what the run is, I would assume around 500.  Either way, it's one of the more beautiful pressings of 2010 and the clear sea-foam green is magical.  It's a nice spin, highly recommended for fans who want to own both pieces of Mountain Man wax.

ARMS - "Whirring"
A Side: "Whirring" B Side: "Jon The Escalator"
Melodic Records
Ltd: #? (Europe Release Only)
$6 (Plus International Shipping)

ARMS is one of the great new hopes of 2011.  Todd Goldstein is the frontman and might be known from the band Harlem Shakes.  To date this is the only vinyl of the band ARMS and with a debut LP coming soon, you might want to snatch up this 7" before it goes OOP.  


  1. ahh you probably shouldn't do these "Import Wax" segments in such large burst. It's a bit overwhelming, especially if your intention is to get people to support these bands and buy their music.

  2. Keeping it 8 or less each post. The goal isn't to have people buy each one, the hope is you buy one of the suggested.

  3. ahhh can't wait for the starfucker vinyl to arrive. Ships day after b-day :) :) :)