The Dismemberment Plan do "Fallon" - "The City" & "What Do You Want Me To Say"

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No pink guitar, bearded, but still-boyish, Travis Morrison and the The Dismemberment Plan invaded Jimmy Fallon last night with two cuts from their 1999 masterpiece, recently re-released on vinyl & given a 10.o on P-fork (go get it y'all), "The City" & "What Do You Want Me To Say"

"The City"

"What Do You Want Me To Say"

I'll be the first to say that I'm a little skeptical. Still, the band sounds as tight as ever, the off-kilter, akimbo delivery (which now seems like just about everyone has ripped off) still cuts with sincerity. And, after all, "The City" is possibly my favorite song of all time and by the time Morrison hits his final "BYYYEEEE," you can't keep your head from bopping.

I got my tix. See y'all Sat. the 29th at Webster Hall for the reunion show.


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