A Place To Bury Strangers Van Stolen

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From the press release: 

As you may have heard by now, A Place To Bury Strangers were midway through a three week long, 18 show tour across Europe, when on Friday, 12/3, their van stolen in Rome, Italy outside the Blackout club in the venue's parking lot.

The band's gear was safe in the venue, but 1000 Euros in merch money, all of their suitcases and clothes, a lot of merch (t shirts, etc.) Dion's New Zealand Passport, the band's Macbook Pro laptop and numerous personal items and various other gear were in the van at the time of the theft.

Saturday's show in Pordenone, Italy and Monday's show in Bilbao, Spain have been canceled.

We've rented a new van in Rome and the tour should resume normally in Nantes on Tuesday.  Sorry to the people of Pordenone and Bilbao for the cancelled shows.  We'd only had to cancel a show one before in three and a half years of round the clock touring, so hopefully this will never happen again.

We've set up a paypal link for donations.  The items stolen from the van were worth over 15K and that doesn't include the excess van rental charges, plane fare, Passport fees, cancelled shows, etc.



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