I Guess I'm Bloating (Crash Ave Comp)

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It's a new month, meaning it's time for another installment of the Crash Avenue Comp Series. This month's art showcases a loose holiday theme, some love for one of our favorite blogs, I Guess I'm Floating, and a bit of a "Black Hole Sun"-style treatment of the mighty Paula Deen. The tracks include an exclusive home recording of Cheyenne Marie Mize covering PJ Harvey, as well as Emily Reo covering Neil Young, a nice selection from Jeans Wilder, two bands to know from RVA, and more!  

More importantly, this month's compilation is for a good cause, particularly with the season of giving upon us... and all these artists who've contributed their music ARE AWESOME for helping out! Much love all around. Here's our official statement on it...

We were greatly saddened by the untimely passing of Sub Pop's Andy Kotowicz. Yet, I think I can speak for all of us when we say we're also inspired by the heroism of Seattle business owner Kenny Johnson, who raced to the scene to save Andy's young daughter, and made a valiant effort to save Andy as well. While we only knew Andy for a brief moment, we can say without hesitation that the gang at Sub Pop are some of the most down-to-earth, awesome people to work with - all the more remarkable when considering the size and influence of the label. 

After five compilations showcasing some of our favorite discoveries (as well as friends' musical endeavors) and ripping on our blog friends a bit with love and reverence, the Crash Avenue Comp Series has quickly become an exciting monthly program, and as such, it seems only right that we use what we've built here to help Andy's family. Starting with our December release, you can download the full compilation with a Radiohead name-your-own-price structure, with all proceeds going to the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation. You can find out more here - www.subpop.com/andy 


Cheyenne Marie Mize - Louisville - don't let the down home instrumentation fool you, the PJ Harvey track is still scary as all hell 

Young Minds - Boston - spookin' at the discotheque 

White Laces - Richmond, VA - as ODB once opined, dirt don't hurt 

Emily Reo - Orlando - Neil Young never sounded so haunting, take notes 
Beach House 

Way Yes - Columbus, OH - Muppetcore worldbeat dessert 

Lubec - Richmond, VA - anthems the size of the arena, recorded in the garage 

Bikini - Brooklyn - bliss out whilst you deck the halls or light the menorah 

Jeans Wilder - San Diego - alien funk to correspond to NASA's finding of new life on Earth 

Dream Band - Brooklyn - Waking Life never addressed whether you can slam dance in your sleep 

Weed - Vancouver, BC - gotta wear your activities on your sleeve, son(s)


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