The Fiery Furnaces Create Track For Art Project

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Horror & Romance on Another Planet
Songs and Music Inspired by Stefanos Rokos’ Exhibition
The “Horror & Romance on Another Planet” compilation is the result of an idea that was born in the Spring of 2008, mainly by Stefanos Rokos’ need to express his love for music by combining it with his own art.
Having experienced similar creative collaborations in the past, he approached some of the Greek or foreign musicians and bands that he deeply admired and had been somehow related to before (either as a friend, either by working with them or participating in the organization of music events along with Kormoranos, the production group that he’s been working with for various sorts of projects since 2002) and asked each one of them to record a music track inspired by his new series of paintings.
The only “restriction” was that they would have to mention the exhibition’s title –“Horror & Romance on Another Planet”– somewhere in the composition, in whatever possible way they wanted (directly, indirectly, as a whole, cutting it to pieces, changing it, in any language or not at all).
The feedback he got from the musicians was very positive, and –combined with some of the exhibition’s paintings’ photo representations– the material that was collected is published in 1700 numbered copies, both as an integral part of the exhibition as well as an independent work of art.


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