WLFY's Top Ten Music Blogs Of 2010


Great taste with the added value of exploring a wide range of music from Hip-Hop to Pop.  

The best destination online for the softer side of music.  Slowcoustic is constantly finding new talent in the world of folk/singer songwriter esq music.  If you're looking for new acoustic music...this is the place.

A massive amount of coverage and reviews leaves COS a daily must read.  In 2010 they dominated the festival reporting and had numerous excellent pieces of writing in their review section.

IGIF is notorious for their excellent taste and finding bands/artists that others fall in love with months after they discover them.  With throwing two of the best CMJ shows this year and announcing their own 7" label, its been a busy and amazing 2010 for IGIF.

Tsururadio and WLFY have the same idea about music blogging which is centered around injecting a personal voice/personality into their connection with the music.  There isn't a more interesting character than Aaron who peppers his blog with amazing photos, long pieces of personal writing, and a love for vinyl that makes me a constant reader.

A mainstay in the blogging world for years now, MOKB made a giant leap this year with a beautiful site redesign and consistent quality content.  Dodge also throws the best shows in his Indianapolis area, has his own radio show, record label, and has a great original content live video series called Laundromatinee.

I can't name a blog that matches the taste in music we have here at WLFY more than Knox Road.  Simply posting a track isn't enough for this blog as the site is jam packed with insight on everything that is posted.
When WLFY crowned Aquarium Drunkard the best music blog of 2009 I said Justin was the best music writer on the web.  This opinion hasn't changed.  Drunkard is unique in what they cover and the writing is nothing short of spectacular.  

I can't comprehend how Anthony does what he does day in and day out.  The Needle Drop boasts a music blog, radio show, blog.tv show, and regular youtube channel where he reviews albums and tracks daily.  The output is insane and it's all quality.  The use of having a regular youtube show makes Anthony a character and is a pioneer of a new medium for music bloggers.  (Also check out the amazing Rock It Out Blog who is on the same youtube journey and pumping out amazing original content daily)  Anthony is the hardest working music blogger as he claims and his hard work is appreciated.  

Largehearted Boy takes home top honors this year because it's simply the best music resource on the web.  With daily mp3's, albums release listings with legal mp3s, and a collection of the best music related links from around the Internet, LB can't be ignored as a powerhouse of information.  Even now the site is collecting a long list of 2010 music lists which is unmatched.  Like The Needle Drop, I have no idea how LB gets all this done, day after day.  If you're a casual music blog reader, you could just read LB and be satisfied as the blog is basically an extension of all the best content that other bloggers and bands create.  There wasn't a second of hesitation in naming LB our favorite blog of 2010.


  1. No P4K? I don't believe it. You LOVE p4k!

  2. Good looks. Anthony blows my mind how hard he works. And Drunkard is the reason I started blogging.

    Only glaring omission is RolloGrady. He introduces an absurd amount of great new bands to the world.

  3. no rollo grady is an outcry, he don't say much but he listens much...gracias

  4. How could you guys have missed Indie Rock Cafe ?

    They're the best by far - esp. for new and popular indie rock, pop, electro, dance, and so on. Plus, you can play all their songs in a stream or download them.

  5. Indie Rock Cafe can suck it. Firstly, they're called the Indie Rock Cafe. And secondly, they suck.