A Promise From We Listen For You


As co-founder of We Listen For You I want to make you (the reader) a promise.  I will never try to convince you that Salem is a band worth supporting. Other sites might support their lack of talent and or ambition to be anything other than assholes pulling a fast one on music journalist trying to find a gem in a pile of shit.

Example #1:

Example #2:

Maybe they're just a bad live band.  Well...from the actual album:

Example #3

This is the last you'll see Salem on our site, just wanted to make a promise worth keeping.  Before I sign off, remember what Salem raps in their lyrics: 

"If you could bring me back, I kill myself, ha, not myself, just my self, I don't know if you could tell...but I'm in hell."  



  1. hahaha. that's an incredible lyric pull.

    how does P4K gives this an album a 7.5? especially after using this quote from the band in the review: "I don't even care. I totally don't." then why should anyone else in the world give a shit about your music?

  2. Terrible layout + terrible writing + terrible taste + no readers = awful blog (or, you guys!)

    Also, mega LOLs at you dudes not getting CMJ passes but still having a day-after-CMJ party (like bringing Grandma to the prom, btw)-- amateur hour 24-7-365 for you doodz

  3. The above comment is by a bitter douchebag who is sad that nobody except his equally premature-ejaculating friends read his two-bit, no-taste, MGMT-buzz-band-aping-cock-sucking blog

  4. Big tough Anonymous. Own up to your words.

  5. Oh, and this isn't Salem, you fucking retards

    1) Like a band could "comment" as an entity

    2) Fuck that band

    Nice try with trying to spin this one around as "oh hey look look everyone a popular band is commenting on our unpopular blog! look look look give us traffic pleaaaaaaaaase"

  6. If you're going to post under Anonymous than I can assume you're Salem, a bitter person, a family member with a grudge, another blogger, billionaire, or the biggest closet WLFY fan out there...and for that we appreciate you hanging around and reading all our posts.

  7. Look... I'm Mr. To Each Their Own, there are no wrong or right bands to love or hate, from Spears/Beiber/etc to the most obscure deep-thinking so & so keeping it reals and shit.

    With that being said, "Example #2" is not in any way, shape, form of your hearts, souls, or imaginations "music".

    Levi's & Fader as "entities" should sue. The audience should've rioted, and dammit, I want my 1.5 minutes I spent trying to listen back.

    Cliche? Yes... but man, that was brutal.

  8. Wow, that was impressively bad. Like "I'm Not Here" level bad. What the heck are they doing up there? Better yet, what are all those people doing there? Finally, why isn't Altered Zones buzzing about these boners?

    - quirken

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