The "BUY THIS TRACK" Project

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I've been a music blogger for three years now and I'm always trying to find ways to help bands make money. As many of you know, the music industry is a disaster and bands/artists work for months, spend money they don't have, and end up putting out an album to less than 100 cd/digital sales. Music is an art form and I would like to help people make some money off their passion.

There is a very simple way to make a huge difference. Every two weeks I will post a link to a track that will be a dollar to download. By joining this group I ask that you buy that specific track every two weeks...this is crucial. It seems small, but imagine if we have 100 group members participate...100 bucks...1,000...1,000 bucks...and so on.

I will do my best to select quality music and support smaller acts that need money to tour and support the creation of their art. As a large group we can change the lives of artists.


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