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I like to refer to Friday at MPMF as the battle of amazing 11:30 bands.  Who do you pick between Surfer Blood, Fang Island, or Royal Bangs???  My decision is easy, Fang Island, simply because I've seen the other two before.  But, if you haven't seen any of these bands, then you have a tough decision...all I can say to make things easier is there is no wrong decision to be made, they're all amazing.
Fang Island

Royal Bangs

Surfer Blood

I'm also really excited to spend some time at the Topic Design Tent with The Seedy Seeds playing followed by Caribou.  I've seen The Seedy Seeds a dozen times and it never gets old...I actually wander the streets trying to get my Seeds fix.  If you haven't seen them live it's a can't miss.  Adding to that, you don't have to move because Caribou hits the stage after the Seeds adding to the nights best back to back show.  

The Seedy Seeds


There is also a secret show at Midpoint on Friday.  Rumor says it's Spacehog, which will be a great get for MPMF.


And last but not least, the king himself TED LEO.  You can't...I repeat...you CAN NOT miss Ted Leo.

Ted Leo

Lower Dens

Chain Gang Of 1974

Don't be dumb, be safe... 


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