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Music can often play on memory, personal experience, dreams, and emotion.  Great music can make the listener feel something they never knew existed, filling a void that was never acknowledged.  This is my experience with the dreamy outfit SOARS.  There have been very few albums that twist and turn in the mind, every note a little bit off but only because of how we have been conditioned to listen. The Lehigh Valley, PA band is releasing their debut, self-titled LP in October which is perfect because the sounds they create will be a gentle warning of the oncoming cold of winter.  The music is a journey into an unknown soundscape that guides the listener through a gambit of reactions.  I compare the listen to the first time I heard Radiohead's Kid A.  They sound nothing alike, but SOARS, like Radiohead, have created a sound that defies time, space, memory, and ultimately life.  Jean-Pierre Melville once said, in Godard's masterpiece À bout de souffle, when asked about his life ambition, "To become immortal... and then die."  After hearing SOARS, I think I understand.


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