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I've always been jealous of the teens from the late 50's early 60's. They cruise around in cool cars, drink from flasks, and have prom music that is both beautiful and eerie. The time was marked by straightforward songwriting that seemed romantic, but after close inspection the music had layers of darkness behind the klangy struck guitar chords.

Brooklyn's Family Trees isn't helping my jealousy as they are putting out music that plays off this late 50's idea of gorgeous melodies with shadows of deeper meaning. Family Trees are doing their own thing and it just so happens it's my thing too. I really hope this style of music catches on and with the buzz of The Morning Benders and now Family Trees stepping onto the scene it seems we're only at the beginning. The music from Family Trees is sincere, controlled, and has this unique aura that demands you give their sounds a spin. As far as new faces in 2010 are concerned, Family Tree is tops.

Family Trees - "Dream Talkin"

Order their debut 7" Dream Talkin
(Highly recommended)



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