I never thought Louisville, KY would be the place where I would find a band that has Phoenix-esq melodies, the intensity of Passion Pit, and a laser/fake smoke ridden live show that takes me back to the synth days of the 80’s. But I did find such a band and they’re called The Pass. Recently I was asked by Vinyl and Vodka magazine to talk about a band I thought would be the next big thing in 2010, my mind went straight to The Pass. They recently signed to a Louisville indie record label, sonaBLAST! Records, who just released their self-produced EP, “Colors”. (Out now on iTunes). The band is currently working hard on their debut LP which will be mixed by Alex Aldi (Tokyo Police Club, Passion Pit, Harlem Shakes, and the Walkmen).

This is definitely a band to check out or at the very least put on your radar. The band has made two of their tracks free to the public and are below for your enjoyment. We’re also featuring their EP as the WLFY buy of the week (banner above), a new section where each week we link up an album from an indie band that we think deserves support. Enjoy:



  1. Feels more like Phoenix than Passion Pit. Really great stuff.