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We all have those introspective moments that really challenge every inch of emotion. It’s impossible to force these, if you’re being truthful, but I’ve found that walking in the cold with my headphones playing a little tune is the closest I’ve come to being able to create this precious moment. Getting to the point, there are few bands that can dig into the deeper parts of the mind…Worker Bee is one of them. Swirling guitars rest peacefully against strutting, not running, drum beats. The vocals on their album, “Tangler”, float in and out, always on cue, building the song to the next eruption of layered sound. “No Dreams” sticks out as my favorite track, evoking thoughts of Antlers, Jonquil, and Fleet Foxes minus the harmonies. Worker Bee is making the music I want to spend my time with this decade.

Worker Bee - No Dreams

Worker Bee's debut album, Tangler, is what the band made it to be and whatever the listener wants it to be. This ethos has been instated since the first conception of the band came together in San Jose, California in 2006. They self-released two EPs before mounting creative clarity came to a head and they penned their first full-length album. Their sound continues to evolve from one release to the next, perfecting the marriage of elaborate instrumentation, angularity and beautiful haunting noise.

An exercise in simplicity, limitation was key in the recording of Tangler. Done in the non-studio of the band's house in California and working with only eight tracks each song, the record itself speaks of something larger than the whole. Space left ajar by the music is quickly occupied by the listener's own impartments.

Because of this intended elasticity, the album never makes a home in any strict genre. Songs like "Nesting" and "Cold Rats" are awash in percussive gasps and collapsed guitars. Through its blue dirge, the narrative of "When You Came Through" depicts a man giving in to something that most never could. "Rough Magic" emits a displacing fog where landmarks only appear in the sampled clangor and the steady drums become the only ground. The album's side closers "No Dreams" and "Surface Eating Acid Bath" entail all the ideas of Tangler. No one thing has meaning and reason endowed on it in the same way twice but the attempt is the real goal.

Worker Bee - Tangler


01 Come Back
02 Nesting
03 When You Came Through
04 Cold Rats
05 Rough Magic
06 No Dreams
07 Frozen Game
08 Lip Service
09 All Roads
10 Surface Eating Acid Bath

Saturday, Jan 9 - Monterey, CA - Jose's Underground Lounge (w/ Mississippi Man, The SIlent Comedy)
Tuesday, Jan 26 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern (w/ Silian Rail, Boomsnake)
Wednesday, Feb 3 - San Jose, CA - The Blank Club (w/ Ugly Winner, By Sunlight)


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