Fugazi Banter

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Fugazi is the greatest band of all time. It's true. Don't give me that Beatles or Radiohead crap. They are the greatest. The only problem? I never saw them live. But, as my friend Sam showed me today, over at Chunklet they've collected a pretty astonishing compilation of 40 minutes of Fugazi live banter, much of it centered on Fugazi's intense hatred for assholes that just went to shows to push people around. It may be close to 10 years since Fugazi released their last album and had their (final?) tour. But, I'll be damned if this didn't bring 'em right back into my living room.

Having Fun on Stage with Fugazi (40 min of banter)

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  1. Go to DC during the summer. Ian MacKaye is always around the Fort Reno concerts every year, saw him this past year and chatted with him briefly. Nice guy.