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I would just like to start by saying that the four guys that make up The Zookeepers are fucking nuts...and you know what, I enjoy the madness. With most DIY bands, their allure is something personal, a stripped down sound that plays mostly to a momentary trend in indie music. A few years ago it was guys in cabins strumming on their sad acoustic guitars and this year it seems to be punks in their parents basement banging on poppy synths or distorted guitars. The Zookeepers however turn their shoulder to what is "now" and make music that they want to hear, not what the trend seems to be.

Mixing dirty, screaming vocals with all over the place melodies, The Zookeepers somehow find themselves with infectious tracks that make perfect sense. Their music is definitely not for the musical equivalent of the window shopper, they demand some investigation of their sound and require one simple demand, to have some mind numbing fun. My recommendation is watch the video below, see how much they love playing their own music...enjoy the chaos, and then go deeper into their sound and see that below the layer of fun, four musicians are truly making something brilliant, new, and very very special.


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