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Living in Los Angeles, I've heard the name Avi Buffalo float around for months. I finally caught their set last night at the Echo and man, oh, man...this band is fantastic. They either are in or recently graduated high school...which is mind blowing because the songwriting is very mature, thoughtful, and rivals that of any established band. The band is lead by Avi Buffalo (defintley not his real name) and Rebecca Coleman. The best part of Avi Buffalo's sound is when Avi and Coleman sing at the same time...their voices are so perfect together that the combined sound is just infectious.

They started off the set with the song, "What's In It For" which has been playing in my head for the last day. Just listen to the song below, see for yourself if Avi Buffalo deserves a required listen. If you think no, search yourself, you might be without a soul. Looking forward to seeing this band blow up, the sky is the limit for Avi Buffalo.

Avi Buffalo - "What's In It For" (Via Rock Insider)


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