Silverlake Steps - Mother Mother

We’re excited to show off our first installment of a new live music series called the Silverlake Steps. We have a lot of great bands lined up and hope to make this a regular part of the blog.

The first band featured on the Silverlake Steps is Mother Mother, a brilliant five piece from Vancouver. They crashed the scene pretty hard, acoustic guitar blazing, with their debut album in 2007, “Touch Up”. Recently the band has released their sophomore follow up, “O My Heart” a definite top ten album of the year. Watch them perform “Burning Pile” off their new album, a track that Spin Magazine named a song that you need to download now. If you like what you hear, check out their MYSPACE page and buy all their glorious sounds.

(Vimeo plays better if you let the whole video load...also, if you click on the vimeo logo, you can view the video in the intended size)


  1. This is amazing...please do more.

  2. Caught them in Portland, amazing show. Thanks for the video.

  3. I really like this song.

  4. I live very close to Silverlake. Any chance/way I can catch the next performance on the steps?